We cannot meet in person right now, but the work of the church continues.

We pray. We care for one another. We feed the hungry, care for the sick, and provide clothing for the needy. We worship and praise God at all times. We provide support and growth for our faith. Advent continues to do these essential things through many and various ways; we just are not doing them in our building at this time.

As a community of faith, we encourage you to find ways to reach out, encourage and check in with each other. Many people might appreciate a phone call, a note or the offer to run an errand. If you know someone who could use some encouragement, and can’t do it yourself, let the office know and we will follow up on your suggestion.

Pastor Alexis will be recording sermons each week, which will be posted on this website. Click the CONNECT menu above, then click SERMONS on the drop-down menu (or click here).

There will be no regular office hours, but please leave a message at 262-377-2710.

Serving ALL Humanity to Build a Community That Emulates Christ