In March, the Council voted to follow the lead of the local schools in deciding when to suspend worship in our building. As you know, the situation around the coronavirus and its spread has continued to evolve. We chose to be proactive out of love and concern for our neighbors.

On April 16th, Governor Evers extended the Safer at Home order until May 26th, so Advent will remain closed until that date, and we will  continue practicing social distancing for the next few weeks at least. This will include no public worship, closing the office and suspending committee meetings unless they are conducted online. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep the Advent community informed. New federal guidelines have just been published and we will wait to see how those begin to be implemented. Already, we have begun to think about and plan safer worship practices for when we are able to worship together again.

We encourage all our community to continue to follow CDC guidelines for safe interactions and social distancing. 

In addition, as a community of faith, we encourage you to find ways to reach out, encourage and check in with each other. Many people might appreciate a phone call, a note or the offer to run an errand. If you know someone who could use some encouragement, and can’t do it yourself, let the office know and we will follow up on your suggestion.

Click here to see the governor’s Safer at Home order (pdf)

Click here to see the new federal guidelines about reopening public places and businesses (pdf)