What to Expect


When you come to worship or any event at Advent you will encounter a casual, warm, and friendly community of faith.

Our worship is more formal/traditional with wonderful music and liturgy.

The theology and the preaching are biblical, yet progressive and diverse for we know that God comes to us in many and various ways.

You will see people of all ages, including many families who represent three generations of active involvement.

We look forward to seeing you!


We are following these COVID Safety Protocols for gathering for worship:


Phase 1 Protocols - modified

Capacity: Worship capacity for each service will be at 30%, or 50 people. 

Distance:  Family units shall remain 6 feet distance from other family units. Pews will be blocked off, to encourage safe distancing. 

Masking:  Face coverings are required over the mouth and nose for everyone at all times. Disposable masks will be available for those who forget to bring their own.  Exception is for the preacher/ liturgists as they are speaking, and for children under the age of 4.

Hand Sanitizer & Cleaning:  Hand sanitizer will be available at the doors and in the pews. Volunteers will sanitize shared and common surfaces between the services.

Attendance Log:  An attendance log will be kept by the safety greeters for the purposes of contact tracing in the event of a potential COVID exposure.  

Bulletins: Disposable bulletins will be available from the ushers; we will not use the hymnals at this time.

Sharing the Peace: Sharing the Peace will be at the end of the service, and must be done without leaving one’s pews and without physical touch.

Communion: Take-home communion kits will be available at the exit to take as people leave. We will not be taking communion during worship at this time.

Offering:  Offering plates will be present at the exit; they will not be passed during worship.

Fellowship: No fellowship time at this point.  People will be encouraged not to linger after the service, unless outdoors and socially distanced.

Dismissal: In order to avoid bottlenecking and congregating outside the exits, ushers will dismiss people by rows starting at the rear, and as people exit, they will be encouraged to pick up their take-home communion kits and leave their offering.

Sick: If you are feeling sick/ unwell, please stay home.

Digital Alternative: One service each Sunday will be live-recorded and shared on our YouTube channel and then posted to the website the following Monday by noon.