Music and Worship


Below is a description of our usual Music and Worship offerings we will return to as the safety of our community allows. 


Worship at Advent follows a traditional flow and style. Music is important to us in our worship life together. We use a variety of musical styles and groups to enhance worship. These include a choir, a handbell choir, and small vocal groups like Armonia, a self-led quartet. Outside musicians also add to the richness of the music periodically.

At Advent, we have communion every week, and everyone is welcome to come to God’s table. No questions asked. This is because we believe that the invitation to communion is from God, not from us.  It is God’s meal.

Children are welcome in worship. There are activity bags for busy little hands, and we believe the sound of children in worship is a joyous sound. Caregivers are also able to step out into the gathering area with children as the need arises.