Prayer Garden and Columbarium
“A place for reflection and remembrance"


A group of Advent members, led by a former pastor, began to envision a place of rest, contemplation and beauty right here in the middle of downtown Cedarburg. After many hours of planning, fundraising and work over several years, Advent now offers a Prayer Garden and Columbarium to both Advent members and the wider community. This beautifully designed and landscaped area on the Advent property has become, in effect, a pocket park that many people enjoy year-round. It has become a place where people gather to talk, rest, read or sit quietly near Cedar Creek and the Interurban Bridge. It is also a place where people can have their ashes placed in a secure niche in the heart of the community they love.

The Prayer Garden and Columbarium reflect a tradition in the Christian Church of birth to death ministering by interment within the Church building or yard allowing us to remember loved ones at our shared Church home.

The Prayer Garden and Columbarium is owned by the Church and administered by the Prayer Garden and Columbarium Committee subject to approval by the Advent Lutheran Church Council. The Committee is responsible for reporting activities and status to the Advent Lutheran Church Congregation.

Columbarium Information Packet (click on the links below to view and/or download PDF documents that comprise the packet):

If you would like more information about purchasing a niche in our Columbarium, please send an email to Paul Schwan at or call the church office at 262-377-2710.