MABO Children's Home

Advent is one of several key supporters of MABO, a children’s home in Haiti. MABO arose out of the great need to care for children after the devastating earthquake of 2010.  

In the years since, MABO has gone from 20 children cooped up in a house to having a children’s home with 35 children and a school that educates 100 people from children to adults in the surrounding community. Some of the classes for adults are technical/vocational classes.

Advent members stay in touch with the MABO leaders, staff and children through email, phone calls, Skype and visits. Advent members have done a number of service projects at MABO to improve the facilities and help develop the programming offered to the community.

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Happy Holidays from MABO/CHH to You - Christmas 2020


Meet Josue

His name is pronounced : JoosWAY. His parents brought him to MABO because they couldn't feed him or take care of him. He was given up by his parents years ago. Think of the trauma to a child of being brought to a home and given up. His story is similar to many of the children at MABO. Their parents gave them up because they couldn't feed, clothe or educate them. When in Haiti you see many of these kids on the street.

Josue wants to be a doctor. He is the most gifted academically at MABO. He now speaks three languages, Creole, French and decent English. For courses he is also taking calculus. His grades are excellent. On top of all this he is a fine young man showing compassion and empathy for others. 

We are proud of all the children at MABO/CHH. They are loving and incredibly grateful to you.

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