Sept 6-16 - Bring in items to the church for Sale -  Sunday mornings and M-F 9-12. We ask for items that would sell for $5 or more (no clothing, small items)

We will have baked goods, snow cones, water and soda for sale, plus we have an indoor Family Hospitality Room for you to take care of your young child's needs

Saturday, Sept 17th: 8:30 am-5:30 pm Sale

Sunday, Sept 18th:  8:30 am-5:30 pm Sale

Monday, Sept 19th:  9am -1 pm Wrap Up Sale


All proceeds go to the MABO Children's Home in Haiti

MABO is a home for Haitian children that have been orphaned or whose families are presently unable to provide for them. An acronym loosely translated from Creole, MABO stands for Movement and Action for the Benefit of Orphans. MABO is a safe haven in a country wracked by natural disaster, disease and economic despair. For Haitian parents, it is a blessed refuge where they can be assured that their children are safe until they are able to be reunited as a family. Our organization does not seek to place children for adoption, but to empower individuals and families to help themselves. By providing the tools and teaching necessary skills, it is our goal that they mature into independent and productive citizens in a country whose future so desperately depends upon them.